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We believe an everlasting relationship built on solid foundation of trust. Easiest and fastest way to send flowers Dubai on any occasion is now on your finger tips. You will certainly be the regular customer of this experienced expert local florist forever. Connect your heart to that of another human being by the soft touch of delicate flower petals. Experience that warmth of love and harmony by delivering the best gift in existence from the very beginning of this world. Start shopping online to order a suitable arrangement for the occasion.


Fresh Lettuce from UAE

Discounted price : 3 AED

Market price : 5 AED 40%

Ladyfinger local produce UAE


Discounted price : 9 AED

Market price : 11 AED 18.18%

Bottle Gourd local produce UAE

Bottle Gourd

Discounted price : 4 AED

Market price : 6 AED 33.33%

Broiler chicken from KSA

Chicken broiler

Discounted price : 15 AED

Market price : 19 AED 21.05%

Fresh Tilapia Fish

Fresh water fish

Discounted price : 15 AED

Market price : 20 AED 25%

Boneless Chicken

Boneless chicken from Denmark

Discounted price : 15 AED

Market price : 18 AED 16.67%

Davidoff Instant Coffee

Davidoff Decaffinated instant...

Discounted price : 18 AED

Market price : 25 AED 28%

Bolognase Sauce

Bolognase Tomato sauce for pas...

Discounted price : 10 AED

Market price : 20 AED 50%