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How to grow Aloe Vera in the Middle East?
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  • 2022-11-12 04:58:11

If you are novice with gardening and tend to kill easily your plants, Aloe Vera might be the right plant to start with. On top, Middle East climate is just perfect so it grows in a blink!

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All you nee dis to buy a small plant at your local garden centre. It grows very quickly so no need to invest is a huge plant. 

As the temperature can raise very quickly, try to buy a pot in light colour, specially if you keep your plant outdoor. A black colour pot will retain the heat more and can damage the roots during the summer month. If you have a garden, you can also put your aloe vera directly in the soil. 

Your Aloe love sun and needs around 8-10 hours of direct sun per day. Just remember that the sun is very strong in Dubai! If the leaves are turning a bit brownish, put your aloe in a more shaded area during the summer months.

If your plant is on your balcony, water only if the soil is dry. During the summer it will need to be everyday but during winter, monitor. Maybe once or twice a week will be enough. Just create the routine to look after your plants! 

In a little time, your Aloe will start to make "babies". You can keep them in the same pot or carefully separate them to have more pot all around your house or balcony!

Wait until the baby aloe is at least 15cm high before putting in a new pot. do not give water for the 2-3 first days as it can rot the damage roots. After that period, water normally.

What are you waiting to give it a try!!!


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